Ebola 1 – Items delivered to Grand Bassa!

UPDATE 24th Sept

The items were handed out in Grand Bassa County today!!!

Items were mainly handed out along the main roads and in the Buchanan City area. Items were also handed to burial homes. These are the places were dead Ebola-bodies are handled and as many of you already know, a dead body infected by Ebola is very contagious. Items were also handed to homes that has been put in quarantine due to family member/s possible exposure to the virus. The people of Grand Bassa were very appreciative and happy to receive these relief items. The Grand Bassa Ebola Task Force will tomorrow continue the hand out. They will take items to rural areas. This means they drive for 1-2 hrs and then continue by foot for another 7 hrs to reach affected villages and communities.

The Lofa transport had a mechanical failure last night. A mechanic was working on the car during the morning and we late in the evening we cot confirmation that they have reached Lofa now. The area does not have full mobile phone coverage and we therefore may have to wait for more detailed updates tomorrow. We will report more on asap.

Thanks for your support!