Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world. In the most rural areas where few reach, we have: built 20+ school buildings, fixed water wells with pumps in 15+ locations, have electrified schools, sponsored night schools & scholarships and a lot more. All that at a total cost of 1M USD since 2012. 100% of funds are going to the projects in Liberia as per our statues. All efforts in Sweden are done on a pro-bono/volunteer basis. The key to cost efficient projects is our local partner(s) and that the villages benefitting will always contribute with land, material and work force.

We know that we can provide safe clean water at a cost of <$1 per person and year, build a new school <$5 per student/year, manage a teenage girl scholarship at $50/year, run a adult night school at $35/student/year and much more.

The school building projects that we have made, is helping about 6400 students plus teachers to every year have a descent school environment. Communities of about 9000 persons now have a clean water access. 5 schools have received a digital library for school education with RACHEL etc

We have run extra scholarship programs when possible. They have been done to get those at most need to school. We have also targeted teenage girls in order to get fewer to drop out early from school. The scholarships have been found successful and also enabled some schools to get a better economy for teacher salaries. With a limited budget, we are currently 2023 focusing on the infrastructure projects.

During the Ebola outbreak, we quickly provided chlorine, buckets, soap and basic food to a large number of communities that were impacted reaching approx 40.000 persons. It was recognized for being done very quickly which was a key. We could act quickly as small organisation and with partners in place.

The tables below summarizes the projects and the number of persons benefitting from the projects. A constructed school building or a water well built will have persons benefitting yearly for many years.

The projects are presented here on the home page (in Swedish).