Ebola fas 1 – RAPPORTEN, läs vad teamet berättar..

”I am confident that people are getting relief and know that help is certainly now coming their way as international bodies continue bureaucracy and diplomatic arrangements the Development Superintendent of Grand Bassa said”; 
(Dr. Joseph Kerkula, Superindendent Grand Bassa)

Nedan är hela rapporten. Klorinkampanjen står för den del som är ”Friends Sweden”.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. Tack till alla som stött – det är er det handlar om!

Cash Flow

Donors Amount
Benson 500
Momolu 500
Friends/Liberia 1000
Friend/Canada 2440
Friends/Sweden 7680
Friend/Holland 360
TOTAL 12,480



Items Quantity Cost
Buckets 500 6000
Chlorine/24 80 1280
Chlorine/12 80 1120
Pop tide Soap 50 450
Rice 60 1000
Oil 40 560
Salt 40 150
Biscuits 50 250
Spot messages 20 900
Transport 4 800
TOTAL 12,510



A brief of the supplies handed out to people in affected communities in Grand Bassa.

Bassa Supplies

Items Quantity
Buckets 300
Chlorine/24 50
Chlorine/12 50
Pop tide soap 25
Rice/25k 30
Oil 23
Salt 23
Bascuits 25
Spot Messages 10
Transport 300


Impacted Communities

Communities Targeted people
Liberian Government Hospital Patients & others
Catholic Health Center Patients & others
Christian Education Foundation of Liberia Health Center Patients & Others
Dirt hole Community Quarantined home – 1 (5 household)
Kordwa Community Quarantined home – 1 (over 3 household)
Preston Street Quarantined home – 1 (3 household)
Oldfield Community Quarantined home – 1(2 household)
Water & Seaware Community Quarantined home – 1(2 household)
Joezohn Community Quarantined home – 1 ( 3 household)
Sawmill Community Quarantined home – 1 (2 household)
Some former BRE Employees  10 household
Zuaka Town Village Entire Village is Quarantined . 15 houses
NOTE: The Taskforce continue with supplies in the above communities to other homes as of Saturday since they have completed the remaining affected communities. The Taskforce supplied the below affected communities as of 25 Sept. due to the distance from Buchanan to those rural areas , I were unable to follow, but got confirmation that the communities were served. They will send me photos this week.  
District 1 – Jacob Laiteh Town Quarantined home – 3 Villages
District 2 – Warka’s Town Quarantined home – 1 Village
District 3 – Klahn’s Town Quarantined home – 3 Villages
After delay to start on time as early anticipated, we took off for separate locations(Grand Bassa & Lofa Counties) on Tuesday 23 Sept and I arrived at about 5:00 p.m.I immediately met with the Superintendent, Development Superintendent and the Grand Bassa Ebola Taskforce in a brief meeting and explained the objective of the program(non – political, intended to help the affected people and communities) especially working together for supplies to reach needed people and affected communities across Grand Bassa. Ebola Sensitization Support to radio stations for awareness messages in local dialects like Bassa and Kpelleh and simple Liberia English.The Superintendent welcomed the donation and thanked the sponsors home and abroad for such huge humanitarian support to the county. She asked the Taskforce headed by Dr. Joseph Kerkula to work with me for the distribution of the supplies given that it was clear that the intent was to work together because the taskforce knows the facts and places where people are affected and what are the supplies that are most needed in those places(Communities, Health Facilities and quarantine homes).All present Wednesday morning 24 Sept. the presentation was made in the public with journalists and people from UNMIL Civil Affairs who have come to grace the handover. The Superintendent expressed delight over the fast thinking and brilliant program put together by one of the county own(Benson Whea) including his friends(Liisa/Peter) abroad especially in Sweden who took the lead to coordinate such initiative. She said the supplies had come at the moment when the County was in serious need.For his part, Dr. Joseph Kerkula reaffirmed the Taskforce commitment to ensure that the supplies reach needed and affect people and communities. He said that the issues of supplies was very critical in the fight against the virus, but the county and people were finding it coming too slow. He said he was grateful for such initiative and that the Bassa people will always pray for the donors to the project. He hopes the initiative could continue so as to further strengthen the work of the taskforce as they quickly respond to increasing calls.

On the over all, the coordination between the County Ebola Taskforce and my team was one of fruitful work in the fight against Ebola. They county is very appreciative of the support that came through in a short period of time especially where they are in need of supplies to these communities and clinic. Buckets, Chlorine, tide soap very useful supplies as Dr. Kerkula put it during the handing over. The communities and clinic replies that, the Rice, cooking Oil, salt and energy biscuits for the families that are quarantined is good because the government does not have all the resources to continue to feed people that were in such home. They appeal to donors to help them with these items as living conditions during the health crisis get deepen. ”I am confident that people are getting relief and know that help is certainly now coming their way as international bodies continue bureaucracy and diplomatic arrangements the Development Superintendent of Grand Bassa said”; Adonie Greaves. Meanwhile Momolu should be back in Monrovia as of this Sunday afternoon and will send brief asap.

A team has been structured to continue the effort that was made possible through your coordination. As I mentioned before, you can be assured that we are always ready to implement these kinds of programs with your continue help and pieces of advice/guidance.

The County Ebola Taskforce (Grand Bassa and Lofa) will work with Momolu and our  team to continue handing out supplies to affected and needed people/communities with my support. Concept development and mobilizing funding and reporting will be coordinated by me with final brief from Peter to would be donors.

(Reported by Benson Whea 28th September 2014)